Story: Nunavik – Berries, bears and lonely mountains

Story published, 10 pages, travel magazine “abenteuer und reisen”, 6-2019, travelling to Nunavik, situated in the north of Quebec, hiking up the gorgeous, wild Koroc-River, staying in tents at the Iberville Base Camp in Kuururjuaq National Park. After some days of preparation we climbed the 1.652m high Mont D´Iberville, encountering bears and crawling over rocks as big as a two-storey houses. We looked for our own way, fought against myriads of mosquitos and conquered the summit after 6 hours of climbing. 10 hours after our start we retrurned to the base camp and I enjoied a wonderful bath in a cold mountain stream. An incredible journey with wonderful people from Quebec. Thanks a lot for companionship!